We provide the following services:
  • Tax and retirement advisory services
  • Analysis of fiscal impact on new ventures at both national and international level
  • Advisory services for business reorganization processes
  • Tax planning
  • Tax and social security due diligence
  • Transfer pricing analysis and defense on adjustment proceedings
  • Receiving inspections by tax entities (at federal, provincial and local levels)
  • Binding professional reports
  • Submission of claims regarding adjustments by tax control entities


In a globalized world, investors want to conduct business with minimum impact from trade restrictions, customs, exchange and tax barriers.

Our highly qualified team of experts provide a personalized attention that assists local companies carry out business overseas and foreign companies looking to invest in Argentina.

We provide, among others, the following services:
  • International tax consultations.
  • Planning for foreign trade operations and limitation of associated risks.
  • Advice on the adoption of the most suitable legal form of business to reduce the impact of exchange rates and customs and taxes.
  • Enforcement of treaties for the reciprocal protection of investments, agreements for avoiding international double taxation, and bilateral and multilateral tax information exchange agreements.
  • Consulting and tax compliance for expatriates.
  • Assistance to financial sectors, banks and insurance on the implementation of risk systems and in compliance with the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and others similar.

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