We provide the following services:
  • Assistance in the registration and preparation of transfer pricing reports
  • Preliminary analysis of new transactions between companies and business restructuring processes
  • Advisory services on the development of transfer pricing policies
  • Transfer pricing management and coordination at regional and global levels
  • Intangible asset valuation and migration
  • Assistance and counseling in administrative or judicial proceedings related to AFIP adjustments
We provide the following services:
  • Labor and social security laws compliance monitoring
  • Follow-up and alerts on documentation delivery
  • Evaluation of behavior and trends regarding statutory requirements compliance
  • Browser-based access, using secure communications
  • Management of passwords and user profiles to access critical and/or sensitive information
  • Data backup procedures for unexpected events


In order to adequately identify and investigate cases of fraud and irregularities, reduce their impact and gather useful evidence to reconstruct and prove such irregularities before criminal or labor courts, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals with broad experience in the legal, accounting, and technological fields.

We provide the following services:
  • Fraud investigation
  • Preservation of evidence, both in physical and digital supports
  • Embezzlement and corruption detection
  • Fraud risk management diagnosis
  • Prevention plan design
  • Legal advice and representation for dealing with incidents and case follow-up

Resguarda is an irregularity reporting service and an anonymous, confidential and secure reporting channel appropriate to all types of organizations. This channel will enable your employees, clients and vendors to report frauds, irregularities and abnormal situations in the workplace or to provide feedback for the improvement of internal processes within the organization.

This service is available across all countries of the Americas, applying the highest standards of security, confidentiality, availability and quality in service provision (certified by ISO 27001 – Information Security).

We provide the following services:

  • Development and deployment of CSR strategies
  • Preparation of sustainability, social or CSR reports
  • External auditing of non-financial information, sustainability, social and CSR reports

a. Recruitment and selection of qualified personnel
The main purpose of this activity is to contribute to the selection of personnel in an effective, professional, serious and confidential manner. What distinguishes us is the ability to understand our clients' HR needs, with a view to develop a staffing strategy in line with such needs.

b. Termination interviews
Our service is aimed at assisting companies in the identification of the conditions and reasons underlying employment termination at all levels, conducting termination interviews through the Internet, Skype or on-site.

Benefits to our clients:
  • Identification of termination reasons to improve staff management
  • Gathering of high-quality confidential information to improve organizations' management
  • Reduction of rotation indexes
  • Reduction of personnel selection costs
  • Better working environment

Our specialized team is open for proposals. If you need further assistance, contact rrhh@llyasoc.com

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